Your Jupyter copilot.

Juno makes data science 10x better by writing, editing, and automatically debugging your code with you as you go.
pip install juno-ai
40 prompts free, then $4.99/month

No More Stack Overflow

Use %juno to get code suggestions on the fly. Juno does the work of coding up whatever you ask for – from PCA analysis to %juno draw a unicorn.


Stuck on a stubborn bug? Click the Debug button to get an instant solution to any error. Spend your time on analyzing data instead of fighting NaN errors and the Matplotlib API.

Edit Button

Juno's Edit Button is like having an AI pair programmer. Juno can refine, optimize, or completely rewrite the code based on your data and problem context.

Private by Default

Juno only uses metadata about your datasets, and never exposes raw data rows or PII.

Extremely privacy sensitive datasets? Run Juno on your own servers.

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